Brand machine

This was a really fun project I concocted to help get me inspired for a new year of work and creativity. I wanted to create a single piece that combined my interests of motion design, stop motion animation, illustration, sign writing, film, and design.

First I dove into research on screen test patterns from film and photography and found lots of really interesting abstract geometry at play.

The I created my “screen-test” piece in illustrator from sketches played with colour combinations and settled on a composition.

Next I brought the elements into after effects and animated each component there to get a general feel for how it would come to life.

Next I recreated all the elements out of wood and constructed the piece .

Certain elements were made to rotate and move in and out of the structure and were animated using stop motion photography, while other spots were left blank to be filled out in post.

The top left optical (what I named each animating component) was animated separately by hand drawing the frames from my after effects motion study. I really love how this piece translated from a clean exacting movement on screen to a textured and slightly more jittery movement through hand reproduction.

The lower right optical was created in after effects the projected onto a screen and video recorded then placed back into its quadrant in after effects. I really love this feeding through multiple channels to create a final grainier texture.

All of these effects could have been produced digitally but for me it was really important and fun to create them all separately and combine them into a single piece.

I have adapted aspects of the design throughout my site and business collateral and have created an Augmented reality composition based on these elements.