AR Proportions Mural

With the coming winter months looming, and a lot more inside-the-studio time promising itself, I wanted to spruce up the place a touch with a new mural.

I saw this as a perfect opportunity to explore Abode’s AR software Aero a little more.

I created a sculpture from my scrap wood pile, playing with and exploring proportions. How could I fit all these strange offcuts into a defined uniform space?

Once I had a composition I was happy with I set out to create a 2D illustration from it, almost like a floor plan.

I got to work painting it using a projector to help with the rough first pass, then free handing the sharper second pass.

Once I had the illustration up on the wall I had space to play and create moving objects within it and apply that to the mural.

It was tricky lining up the animation with the physical mural and I would love to fine tune that process in future projects.

I would love explore this concept of filling in the gaps with motion in Augmented Realty further.