Hi, I’m Sam O’Leary. I believe play is paramount & communication is crucial. I work across disciplines and mediums, and am always looking for new collaborators to grow with and expand those horizons.

Let’s talk.

In the course of a given day I have pens and pencils out, have several adobe programs running, cut wood, have my tool bag ready, get out my paint & brushes, cut & hot glue cardboard, and eat an inordinate amount of chocolate.

Originally from Wellington, Aotearoa I now live in Portland, Oregon with my enchanting partner and our three wonderful, wild children. I’ve been working as an artist and designer since 2007.

I love working and collaborating across mediums, over the years I have worked with folks to create; IllustrationAnimation • Graphic Art • Branding • Sculpture • Woodworking • Hand Painted Signage • Motion design • Murals • Whimsy • Posters • Good Times • Props • Set design & build • Books • Toys • & more! I look forward to adding to this list in the years to come. 

Here’s a wee profile of me on Artzone.co.nz if you’re interested 😉