I’m Sam O’Leary and I live in Portland, Oregon with my enchanting wife and our two wonderful, wild sons. I’ve been working as an artist and designer since 2007. I love working on all sorts of projects with all sorts of people. Over the years I have provided clients with; Illustration • Animation • Graphic Art • Branding • Sculpture • Woodworking • Hand Painted Signage • Murals • Whimsy • Posters • Good Times • Props • Set design & build • Books • Toys • & more! I look forward to adding to this list in the years to come. 

Life is good and I strive to be an agent for perpetuating and supporting goodness. Joy is essential, play is important, and compassion is key. 

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As an artist, designer, and human floating on this spaceship we call earth I want my work to contribute towards a better world. I want to leave this place better than I found it, for my children and for generations beyond. Let’s combine our powers and see what we can accomplish.
My guess is; a lot.

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